If you are creating Thai cuisine dishes, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Philipino or other Oriental recipes, the Mung Mee Thai supermarket has all you could need to make it authentic. With fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, lemon grass, soy sauce, Drunken Chicken Marinade, Thai green curry, Thai red curry, snacks, pot meals, soups, rice of every variety, noodles in all sizes, oils and too much more to list.

The Mung Mee Thai supermarket is a haven for those with a taste for the Orient, with oriental foods, herbs and spices direct from Asia. The vast stock includes inspirational items that will spur on any cook to create dishes that will delight any diner. Mung Mee Foods opened in the historic city of Lancaster in December 2002 and expanded to larger premises in July 2005, with a beautiful ceremony where the premises where blessed by monks. Andrew Gregson and his wife Nopporn originally opened the Thai shop to sell Thai ingredients and foodstuffs, but customer demand and huge interest has led to our expansion into food from across the Orient.Looking for the restaurant website Mung Mee Thai Restaurant

From the most pungent spices to the most delicate flavours, sweet, sour, salty, hot or mild, The Thai supermarket has all you are looking for. Simply pop in, call or write to find out if we stock the items you require. We highly recommend a visit though, as there are many items you may not have encountered before and there is inspiration on every shelf combined with wonderful aromas, brilliant colours and friendly service.

Mung Mee Foods